6 thoughts on “How Many Words Is Enough?

  1. Very true that it should take as many words to get out what you have to say. I’ve been slacking lately, only managing to push out around 300 words a day, 500 maximum; I feel this isn’t enough – a silly, negative voice in my head, considering ANY number of words would be great. 5 or 500, it’s still words. I’m trying to build on it so eventually I’ll be able to crack out 1000 words a day. It’s a slow process, but hopefully I’ll get there. I’m a huge procrastinator and perfectionist, two things that are a nightmare, but starting now I’m going to change that. Waiting won’t get anything done! Great post – the dress looks lovely already, by the way.

    Sorry, rambled on a bit there.


  2. Hi! I’m trying to get in the groove of waking early (around 8) and setting off to write. There are days when I wake up around 10 or 11 (like today) but that doesn’t keep me from writing. I need to plan something for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November as well as get a guest post ready for another blog and prepare for a poetry reading.

    I like to leave my house to write. I tend to go to Barnes and Noble because there I can get a White Chocolate Mocha and actually drink it as I write. Sometimes I will go to the library, but they don’t allow drinking there. I’ll leave my place around 9 and go to write. I’m also a part of a writers’ group that meets on Mondays at the B&N I go to, so that’s really swell.

    When I get to my destination, I try to write as much as I can for as long as I can, usually several hours. I sorely need to edit, but I try to do that while I’m out because the TV distracts me.


  3. I find I have larger word goals on my days off then I do on a work day. Rising at 4:30 gives me time to write something. (If . like you, I am not interrupted.) Those early morning words are musings, brief edits ( ideas floating around in my head from the night before) and reminder lists of waht I need to do when have more time. If I continue to get up at my usual 4:30 time on days off I can usually get several hours of writing it and that’s where I can top a thousand. Unless, of course I am not focused entirely on rewrite and editing. Nice encouragin, honest post.


  4. Wow, I envy you that you can rise at 4:30 to begin your writing. I’m still a tad fuzzy at 6:00 when I crawl out of bed. My writing day begins at 9:00 when my husband is at work and my daughter is at school and the dog is settling down for his nap. Thankfully my day job is both flexible and one I can do from home. This allows me about 3-4 hours a day for my writing…my absolutely favorite time of day.


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