Writer’s Spaces – Creative Places

Last Wednesday for my Writer’s Prompts and Inspirations, I asked you to imagine a secret room you discover in a house you just moved into. The prompt came from one of my most cherished, repeating dreams. Naturally, I put some thought into my own prompt and inspiration. After a brief moment, and I mean brief, I knew exactly what I’d like to find behind the secret, sliding door of my closet.

Wait for it…

Yup, my own writer’s retreat. (which I’ll describe shortly.)

But first, an appropriate movie break…

One of my favorite movies is How To Steal A Million by William Wyler, starring Audry Hepburn and Peter O’Toole. In this 1966 classic, based on George Bradshaw’s short story, Venus Rising, a master painter, Charles Bonnet, played by Hugh Griffith, enjoys the extreme, good life by forging and selling masterpieces of the greatest artists. And where does he accomplish this?

You guessed it.

Behind the secret, movable, back wall of a large wardrobe in his bedroom. Bonnet opens the door, steps inside the wardrobe, opens the secret back wall, closes the front door of the cabinet, and, via a spiral staircase, enters his secret, painting studio. Now that is truly marvelous!

I have longed for such a wardrobe. I often imagine stepping inside my own imaginary wardrobe, closing the doors behind me, and entering my peaceful, phone-free, writer studio equipped with the most comfortable furniture, a thinking sofa good for rejuvenating naps, a roomy table for my computer, a suitable chair with a back-supporting cushion, tea-pot and mini stove, large cork boards, mini fridge, lots of filled bookshelves, another desk…a vintage, roll top filled with stacks of paper and jars, brimming with favorite pens near a window with an inspiring view. Sigh…

Ahhh, but I can’t complain. I write in my comfortable dining room–a room I associate with good meals shared with my family as well as festive, holiday celebrations. I can’t work in my office. I pay bills in the office, and paying bills makes me think of having less money, less money is depressing…see where I’m going with this? Our dining room is the warmest room in our home, which is perfect now that colder days are afoot. Inspiring novels and books on the art of writing fill the bookshelf beside me. If I crave a steamy cup of minty tea with honey, the kitchen is seven feet away. In lieu of a back cushion on my chair, my dog curls behind me, offering warmth and companionship. Here is my writing buddy. His name is Max.Max

Where do you write best?

 A favorite room in your home?

Your neighborhood coffee shop?

Anywhere you can sit with your laptop?

I’d love to hear from you.


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