Adding Another Level To Our Writing – Wednesday Writer’s Prompt and Inspiration

chalkboard-3-ALet’s start with a quote from the great Hemingway.Hemingway quote

My week is filled, same as yours, with all the daily to-do’s and little extras that wedge their way between an already full schedule. But somehow, when a friend calls to chat and asks what I’ve been up to, I quickly answer, “Same ole stuff. Not much is new.”

But that isn’t true for any of us. Lots of things happen each day.

Remember my Wednesday Prompt and Inspiration about recording the events of the day, including the many details involving your five senses?

This Wednesday’s Prompt and Inspiration will ask you to document your day again. This time, add your emotions. Instead of writing how the sticky bun felt in your fingers, tasted with your coffee, smelled, or looked on your plate beside your paper napkin (half scribbled over with ideas for your next novel), give your reader some of what’s going on behind the scene. And by the way, the sticky bun scenario is just an example… However, if you feel like dropping in at your local coffee shop, buying a sticky bun and a cup of coffee for this exercise, I wish you a bon appetite!)

Let’s keep going with an example of what I mean by “behind the scene.”

As you bring the flaky, honey-dripping, icing-coated, delicacy to your lips, the caramel-coated, almond slices touch your tongue. Your taste buds awaken. Unexpectedly, you find yourself reminiscing about a snowy afternoon at your Grandmother’s house when you were ten. You recall the red and white, checkered, oil cloth draped over her old, wood table. You can still smell the cherry tobacco from your Grandpa’s pipe as he sits in his favorite chair, puffing softly and thoughtfully. You can still see out the window beside you. Three of Grandpa’s cows are grazing under the Willow tree his father planted. And in addition to these cozy vignettes, you recall your grandmother setting a plate before you with a warm sticky bun, fresh from her oven with icing melting down the sides.

There is always more happening while we go about our daily to-do’s. Our thoughts are active and fleeting, but often the details provided by our memories can add a new level to our writing (or a nice way to work in a little piece of important back story).

Are you ready to grab you notebook and see where the day leads you?

As always, I’d love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Adding Another Level To Our Writing – Wednesday Writer’s Prompt and Inspiration

  1. Wow! This is, well . . . a delicious exercise indeed!! And I loved your description . . I’m feeling cozy and my tastebuds are watering. On with the scarf and mittens, I’m headed out for coffee and a pastry. 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for this!



    • You’re very welcome, Alison.
      Instead of taking my advice, I headed to my kitchen for humus and toast. Not quite the same as pastry and coffee, and sadly, warm memories weren’t conjured while eating. However, there is more day to be enjoyed, and I’m looking forward to finding inspiration.

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  2. There’s so much that goes into a story – both the sensory detail and the emotion behind the scene are equally as important, and you paint both the former and the latter in gorgeous detail. Now, off to find a sticky bun… you’ve made me hungry… 😉


  3. I’m glad you were inspired to try and find a sticky bun. I find when the details are written like a painting, I am drawn more completely into a story.
    Happy holidays!


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