Which Children’s Book Character Are You Most Like? Take The Quiz.

Where The Wild Things Are

Yesterday was the first Wednesday I wasn’t able to get my prompts and Inspirations post up.

As Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch TV show said…

Gregg Brady

I know… I’m showing my age.

To make up for missing yesterday, I am posting a fun activity from BuzzFeed. Being a picture book enthusiast, writer of children’s stories, and dreamer, I couldn’t resist taking the quiz to discover which picture book character I am most like. Drum roll, please…

Which Children’s Book Character Are You?

  1. You got: Max from “Where the Wild Things Are”

    You’re a dreamer. Your escape is in your creative imagination, where you run wild with all your fantastic friends. Keep dreaming, just like Max, and the payoff will come before you know it!

  2. Maurice Sendak

After reading why I am most like Max, I smiled. So true. I spend hours each day rooting through my memories, creating characters for my stories, listening and looking for inspirations everywhere I go, over-the-top thrilled to listen when people have stories to share, and dreaming–an activity that appears as if I am staring at the walls (or napping) but is so much more involved.

I’d love for you to share which children’s book character you are most like. Here is the link. Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Which Children’s Book Character Are You Most Like? Take The Quiz.

  1. Apparently I’m Harold from “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” Not sure what to make of that. At least I have more hair than him. 😉

    And I still say, “Something suddenly came up,” so you’re not alone…


    • I love “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” I remember reading the book and watching the DVD with my daughter years ago. Harold was so sweet to the deserving moose. So if you are like Harold that means you are generous and kind. Harold made magic with his crayon. You make magic happen on your computer with words when you write. Harold had a grand imagination. I’m sure you have been blessed with a grand imagination, too.

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  2. How wonderful to be the Giving Tree. I would guess if we met that I would describe you as generous with a large heart. You probably put the needs of others at the top of your list. When a friend calls, you put everything down to listen and share. Am I right?


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