Perfect Picture Book Friday looks at ‘Sharing The Bread’

sharing the bread

For this Perfect Picture Book Friday, I’d like to visit a marvelous Thanksgiving book by Pat Zietlow Miller. Sharing The Bread.

Thanksgiving has long been one of my most favorite holidays. In many ways, it’s much like Christmas–minus the gifts. It’s a time when family and loved ones come together to enjoy each other’s company over a lovingly prepared meal which has completely filled the house with a myriad of delicious, nose-tickling, heart-happy smells. And with Thanksgiving so near, I felt it the perfect timing to share my new favorite picture book (in plenty of time to buy a copy to share on Thanksgiving with your family).  And…if you read down to the bottom of this post, I will share one more fitting addition to Thanksgiving…. My best ever, totally yummy, pass me another heaping spoonful, cranberry cherry sauce.  But first…. Sharing The Bread.

Title – Sharing The Bread – An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story

Written by- Pat Zietlow Miller

*Illustrated by- Jill McElmurry

*Published by- Schwartz & Wade Books – New York – 2015

*Suitable for ages – 4  – 8 (That’s what the jacket flap says, but personally, I think they could say this book is suitable for ages 4 – 100.)

*Topics/theme – Family. Togetherness. Holidays.

*Opening – Mama, fetch the cooking pot. Fetch our turkey-cooking pot. Big and old and black and squat. Mama, fetch the pot.

Jacket Flap Copy – Journey back to nineteenth-century America and watch a family prepare a delicious Thanksgiving feast together–one that’s not so very different from what we eat today. Here’s a mouth-watering read-aloud filled with spirit and perfect for families to share.

Why do I like this book? The rhymes are not only fun to read aloud but easily pulled me into a cozy, nineteenth century home with warm, welcoming hands. Page after page, as the family works together to make the day special, I could smell the turkey baking in the large cast iron stove, I longed to dip my spoon into the sweet cranberry sauce, bubbling in a pot, and I wanted to pull my chair close to the dinner table and share bread with this family that loves Thanksgiving traditions as much as I do.

Pat Zietlow Miller’s carefully chosen words combined with Jill McElmurry’s talented, Americana illustrations come together to create a Thanksgiving book no home should be without this holiday season.

Author – Visit Pat Zietlow Miller’s web page here.

Illustrator – Visit Jill McElmurry’s web page here.

Learn about the history of Thanksgiving along with classroom and art projects here.

To find other perfect picture books please visit Susanna Hills blog.

A writer’s prompt:  Set a timer for 5 minutes and without stopping, describe what a perfect Thanksgiving would be like.

And now…for the cranberry sauce recipe I promised you!  Brace yourself, this gets a little boozy, but because you’re going to boil it, the alcohol goes away (darn), and the flavor stays (yippie).

Traditionally, most families cook cranberries with water and sugar. In my recipe, the only ingredient in common is cranberries. That’s right, zero water and zero white sugar. Are you ready for this?

Leslie’s Totally Yummy, Pass Me Another Heaping Spoonful, Holiday Cranberry Cherry Sauce

(It’s a long title, but once you taste it, I hope you’ll agree.)

illustration by Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

illustration by Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

1 bag of fresh, washed cranberries (not canned).

1 bag of pitted, frozen cherries (fresh cherries are nearly impossible to get at this time year)

1 cup of real maple syrup (no imitation syrups, please – maple syrup adds a cozy flavor that surpasses white sugar)

1/2 cup of brandy (Yes, you read that right, and don’t worry about the alcohol getting your family tipsy, when it’s boiled, the alcohol disappears and the flavor is left behind.)

Place all ingredients in a pot and stir while ingredients boil until the cranberries have popped. Then you can pour the sauce into a large serving dish. I make the sauce the day before Thanksgiving to give it a chance to thicken up slightly in the refrigerator. Since the year I substituted brandy for water and maple syrup for white sugar, we’ve never had leftover cranberry sauce.

Do you have a memorable Thanksgiving you’d like to share?

8 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday looks at ‘Sharing The Bread’

    • As soon as I found out ‘Sharing The Bread’ was available, I went to my local bookstore to look at it. I didn’t have to read any further than page one to know I wanted to add this book to my collection. The rhymes are not only catch but quite thoughtful, too. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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