PPBF Looks at “Crow Made a Friend” Plus 2 fun DIY Projects!

PPBF – Perfect Picture Book Friday looks at “Crow Made a Friend” by Margaret Peot. And at the end of my book review, I have two, fun DIY, kid-friendly projects to share with you!

At one point or another, we’ve all needed a friend. Chances are, none of us would go to the lengths Crow does in this wonderful picture book, but through sparse text and a heart-touching story, we sympathize with Crow’s desperate need and root for him.

Title – Crow Made a Friend

Written and Illustrated by- Margaret Peot

Published by- Holiday House / New York – I Like To Read – 2015

Suitable for ages – 3  – 7

Topics/theme – Friendship

Opening – Crow is alone.

Back Cover  – Crow was alone. He had a plan. He tried and tried and tried to make a friend.

Amazon Review –  Crow Made a Friend – I’m only sharing part of the review because Amazon gives away the whole, wonderful story.

Try, try again is the lesson Crow teaches beginning readers in this picture book reader. Crow was all alone. But like all crows, he was very clever. Using autumn leaves for wings, sticks for the body and a crab apple for the head, Crow made a friend! But…

Why do I like this book?  Sparse text teamed with colorful and thoughtful illustrations make this a book the youngest reader will want to read repeatedly. The message is one for everyone: the need for friendship and the lengths Crow is willing to go for the perfect friendship.

Author – Visit Margaret Peot here.

For more picture book reviews and recommendations, visit author Susanna Leonard Hills blog here.

START A CONVERSATION WITH A CHILD.  After sharing this book with a child (or with children) ask them what materials they might use to make a friend if they were Crow. Would they make a friend from snow or of twigs and leaves? Their answers will most likely enchant you.  Maybe ask them why they made certain choices in materials, too.


To attract birds to your yard and have a fun project you can make with children, try using hollowed orange halves as feeders you can fill with seeds. The how to instructions are here.

Another easy way to attract birds is to make a yummy treat for your feathered friends by stirring a cup of unsalted peanut butter with bird seeds. Once mixed, press this mixture into pinecones that you can hang from tree branches near a window so you can watch your new friends. Find more detailed instructions here.

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