PPBF Looks at What Does It Mean To Be Kind?

Yesterday when I was at the grocery store, the closest parking spot opened up, but I didn’t take it. I left it for someone else and parked further down. The exercise will do me good, (I’m still working off Christmas dinner…) and someone who really needs the closer spot will appreciate it.

Then, as I was waiting in line to pay for my groceries, a gentleman with two items in his arms stood behind me. So, I let him go ahead of me and my towering cart.

Last week when my daughter was practicing her guitar, I complimented her on all the notes and chords she played in tune and encouraged her to keep practicing, pointing out how far she has come in the few short months since she started lessons.

What do all these random acts of kindness have to do with writing?

They are further examples of ways we can all be kind, illustrated through text and pictures in today’s PPBF (Perfect Picture Book Friday) review.

Title – What Does It Mean To Be Kind

Written by – Rana DiOrio

Illustrated by – Stephane Jorisch

Published by – Little Pickle Press , San Francisco, CA – 2015

Suitable for ages – 3  – 7

Topics/theme – kindness, friendship

Opening – What does it mean to be kind?

Amazon Review –  A girl in a red hat finds the courage to be kind to the new student in class. Her kindness spreads, kind act by kind act, until her whole community experiences the magical shift that happens when everyone understands―and acts on―what it means to be kind. The fifth book in Rana DiOrio’s award-winning What Does It Mean To Be …?® series, What Does It Mean To Be Kind? was named a 2015 Moonbeam Gold Medalist and won a Mom’s Choice Gold Award.

Why do I like this book?  Through sparse text and clear examples of acts of kindness, both children and adults can find, or be reminded of, simple, and much appreciated, ways to spread kindness. I also love the happy, uplifting illustrations created by the playful hand of Stephane Jorisch.

Author –Learn more about Rana DiOrio here.

Illustrator – Learn more about Stephane Jorisch here.

For more picture book reviews and recommendations, visit author Susanna Leonard Hills blog here.

START A CONVERSATION WITH A CHILD.  After sharing this book with a child (or with children) ask them to think of other ways they can be kind: at home, to their parents, to their siblings, to their pets, at school, to their teachers and friends, and also ways to be kind to our environment.

13 thoughts on “PPBF Looks at What Does It Mean To Be Kind?

  1. What an excellent character book for home and school. Kids really love to do things for others. But, I like how a girl takes “acts of kindness” into the classroom — especially in this age of bullying. Hope this book is in every classroom.


  2. Yay, I am so glad you reviewed another in this series. They build such good attitudes into kids without them being didactic at all and the stories are always such fun!


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  4. I Love anything by this author, Dana DiOrio. I have read some of her “What does it mean” books and they are great. Looks like I will have to get this one as well.

    Thanks for the review. 🙂


  5. I’m so happy to call you friend, Leslie! I love your random acts of kindness…I try to do that also…park far away…and let people go ahead of me on line…passing along a bit of joy costs nothing, but the return is priceless.
    And this book is priceless also…I will have to check it out. It’s so important to encourage young kids to learn kindness and compassion…and being a good role model for that is the best way. 🙂


  6. As I was trying to fit in one more random act of kindness yesterday, I saw a man standing at the corner near my grocery store. He was shivering and holding a sign that read, Senior Homeless. So, while I did my grocery shopping, I added a few things to my cart for him… some cookies, a 6 pack of water, and a bag of hot chicken from the deli. He happily accepted the bag. Then, as I was driving out of the grocery store, I saw him talking on his cell phone… I thought an address was needed for a cell phone bill to arrive at, not to mention income to pay the bill… I’m trying to dismiss those negative thoughts and remind myself that even if he isn’t homeless, anyone willing to stand in the snow on a blustery day must have needs.


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