Perfect Picture Book Friday Review and Remembrance.

The end of last month came and went. When my critique partner in my online writing group, Liz, didn’t post a story or chime in on our critiques or discussions, I thought she was too busy. Some months are like that… I didn’t want to bother her, I figured she had too much on her plate and would post a story soon. Yesterday I tried to send her a message, but she was no longer on Facebook. I couldn’t imagine why she would leave us without saying anything. I googled her name. What came up in my search wasn’t her blog or website but the obituary for Liz Galler LeSavoy. I moved about in a daze yesterday, napping often, praying each time I woke up, Liz would still be with us.

I think about the many hours Liz dedicated to writing her stories and the hours she gave to me and the other ladies in our writing group, helping us to improve our stories. I hope one day, Liz’s stories will find their way into print.

Today, I have chosen to review the picture book, Baloney (Henry P.) because it reminds me of one of Liz’s funniest stories in which a boy comes up with fantastic excuses why he doesn’t have his homework.

In honor of Liz, a lady who always poured the happiness of life into her writing, I dedicate this picture book review to you. Dearest Liz, I hope Heaven has laptops and publishers because, with your gift, you should never stop writing.

Title – Baloney (Henry P.)

Written by – Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by – Lane Smith

Published by – Viking – Penguin Group – 2001

Suitable for ages – 3-7

Topics/Theme –  exaggeration

Opening – Last Tuesday morning, at 8:37 a.m., Henry P. Baloney was finally late for class once too often.

“That’s it,” said Miss Bugscuffle. “Permanent Lifelong Detention…unless you have one very good and very believable excuse.”

“Well I would have been exactly on time,” said Henry. “But…

Amazon Review – Find it on Amazon HERE.

The twisted team that gave the world Squids Will Be Squids and The Stinky Cheese Man now delivers a whole lot of Baloney. Henry P. Baloney. Henry is an alien school kid who needs to come up with one very good excuse to explain why he is late for szkola (school), again. Otherwise, his teacher Miss Bugscuffle promises, it’s Permanent Lifelong Detention.

Henry’s tall tale of his lost zimulis (pencil)-received from deep space by Jon Scieszka-is told in at least twenty different Earth languages and graphically recreated in Lane Smith’s out-of-this-world illustrations.

The unbelievable trip into Henry’s wild universe may be the most original excuse ever for being late for szkola. Or it might just be Baloney. Henry P. Baloney.

Learn about Jon Scieszka HERE.

Lear about Lane Smith HERE.

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18 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday Review and Remembrance.

    • Thank you, Joanne. I’ll share your condolences with my writing group. We’re all deeply saddened and in shock over losing Liz. It will take us time to come to terms with this. Our goal, if Liz’s family permits us, is to try and get one of her manuscripts published. Liz had a gift for sprinkling her love of life and sense of humor into her stories.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Liz. I hope her stories will find their way into print, too. And it’s lovely that you honored her with your post today. Jon Scieszka’s stories are so funny. I’ll have to check out Baloney.

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