Halloweensie Story Time!

With Halloween a few days away, it’s time for Susanna Hill’s 6th Annual, Halloweensie Contest. The story entries are short—to be specific, Halloweensie stories are teensy. The rules are simple: Write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words spiderghost, and moon.

After days of brewing my ideas and allowing them to haunt my thoughts, I’ve spun my Halloweensie story. But first, good luck to all who enter! I’m anxious to read your stories.


The Spider’s Treat


Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


Samuel scanned the starry night.

He spied the silver moon,

lighting bright the ghostly night.

Halloween comes soon!

With all his spider heart he wished

to stop the trick-or-treaters

from tramping up his quiet street.

Those noisy candy eaters!

On Halloween, one giddy witch

swung wild her candy bucket.

Sweet treats flew straight for Samuel’s web.

Three pieces neatly struck it!

While tidying up his tangled web,

one foot touched chocolate candy.

With one sweet lick, the spider said,

“This holiday tastes dandy!”

Wishing you a Happy Halloween and a colorful autumn.


38 thoughts on “Halloweensie Story Time!

  1. Well that does it. There is a piece of white chocolate sitting in the pantry with my name on it. I had been so good till now. I enjoyed this lovely rhyme of yours so beautifully done. Good luck in the contest.
    PS I didn’t enter this time due to other commitments)


  2. Hi, Diane. Yes, go ahead and claim that scrumptious piece of white chocolate! When I was a kid, I loved white chocolate covered pretzels. Sweet and salty. Yum! I’m glad you liked my rhyming entry. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the time to enter. But last week I had a burst of inspiration, sat down, and wrote it. There are lots of great entries over at Susanna’s blog. I’m still trying to read them all.


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