Why I Write For Children.

Yesterday, while I browsed through posts on my blog from 2015, I reread one I titled, Why I Write For Children. Three years have passed, and my reasons are still true today. Here is that post.

Earlier today, I visited a blog that invited writers to answer why they write for children. To answer the question, I only had to look at my daughter.

illustration by Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

From the time my little girl turned two, she rarely wanted me to read to her at bedtime. Instead, she asked me to tell a story I made up. She’d scrunch up the blankets in her hands, roll back her eyes, think of a character, a situation, and say, “Tell me a story about a princess with the sniffles. Ready? Set? Go! 

I had zero seconds to brainstorm a possible plot. No, not every story was good, and frankly, some lousy, but still, my daughter liked bedtime because of this game. I loved her widening eyes, her impish smile, and her wild applause when I finished.

I write for children because their world inspires me. My world, the world adults live in, is a serious, rule-filled world stuffed with responsibilities. Children openly love silliness. They accept the improbable and impossible. They thrive on magical and believe in happily ever after.

I write for children because the three-headed monster hanging out under their bed is as real to them as the bills on my desk are to me.

When I write for children, I think back to my childhood when my sister and I explored the forest around our house. A fallen tree became a ship we co-captained. Squirrels scurrying under leaves were distant pirates. A bird perched high in the branches was our lookout. Through the eyes of our parents, we were playing on a dead tree, risking infection from a splinter or a bite from a spider. Strange how they could never see the tree for more than it was.

I write for children because it’s what I love.

13 thoughts on “Why I Write For Children.

  1. I so appreciate this post, Leslie…I’m glad you shared it. And I love ‘the monsters under the bed are as real to them as the bills on my desk are to me’…that is perfect! Your stories for children are wonderful…and I’ll be first in line to buy them when they become books!

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    • Vivian, you are a treasure! I’ll keep writing children’s stories as it gives me a deep sense of happiness (and an escape from reality) that I need so much right now. You’re the amazing cheerleader who encourages me along my writing journey, and I hope one day soon I’ll be able to scream loud enough for all to hear that I have an agent so I can take that next important step forward toward publication. And by the way, I plan on being firsts in line to buy your beautiful books, too. Hugs.


  2. OK WordPress please let me leave this comment … I write for children because I love their innocence, energy, and enthusiasm. Children are some of my favorite people in the world!

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