Get A Skiing Lesson Today At Perfect Picture Book Friday

Grab your jacket, scarf, and skis because Perfect Picture Book Friday is taking you out for a skiing lesson…

…with a giraffe!

I’m thinking back to one particular Friday when I was in the sixth grade. It was the Friday before Winter break. Outside, snowflakes, big as coasters, were settling down on the swings and monkey bars. Inside, my teacher, Mrs. Larson, was piling plates with candy-sprinkled cookies and filling up cups with cocoa and marshmallows. The room was buzzing with the voices of anxious kids, chattering about their plans for those snowy vacation days.

“I’m going to build a snowman, go sledding with my sister, and bake cookies!” I said.

Two kids pushed in front of me, eager to share their winter break plans. In three words, they made my dream snowman grow soggy.

“We’re going skiing!” they shouted.

Of course, everyone wanted to know if they had ever skied before, if they were sticking to the bunny hill, or if they were going to tackle the scariest slope.

After winter break, two kids hobbled into the classroom on crutches, eager to share their harrowing stories about their ride down, Down, DOWN the BIG hill. Loads of autographs and good wishes were already penned around their casts, but the kids in Mrs. Larson’s classroom still managed to find space to add in their names, too.

I’ve never been skiing. I’ve never even touched a pair of skis. But when those kids shared their adventures on the slopes, I hung onto every one of their words, trying to get a feeling for what it is like to sail over and down snowy hills. Maybe one day…

So, if you love skiing or ever wondered what it would be like to ski, you’ll enjoy the fun-filled ride in Viviane Elbee’s debut picture book, Teach Your Giraffe To Ski.


As a special bonus, Viviane will be joining me here next Friday for an author interview! Please stop by to say hello to her.

Teach Your Giraffe To Ski

Written by- Viviane Elbee

Illustrated by – Danni Gowdy

Published by- Albert Whitman & Company – 2018

Topics – skiing, friendship, and facing fears.

Opening – Uh-oh. It’s snowing and your giraffe wants you to teach her to ski.

Synopsis from Amazon –Your giraffe wants to learn how to ski—but not on the bunny hill. She wants to go down the big scary slope! Enjoy this riotous journey as the narrator tries to reign their giraffe in—and learns something about courage along the way.

Why do I like this book? As a parent with a child who hears her friends talk about skiing and wonders what it’s like, this book serves as a perfect introduction to the sport. Viviane Elbee’s main character explains the skiing positions needed to slow down, go fast, make a turn, and more. And what better companion to learn alongside than a giraffe?

Learn more about Viviane Elbee HERE.

Learn more about Danni Gowdy HERE.

Until next Friday.

18 thoughts on “Get A Skiing Lesson Today At Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. It’s not winter yet, at least in Ohio Kids will love this adventurous book. Great Christmas idea. Skiing is fun if you have the right lessons. I learned in college and had a ball Loved skiing in my 20s. Getting on and off the chairlifts always gave me pause. Fun choice.

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  2. Oh an author interview; what fun! This title looks so adorable. We could have used it when we all tried skiing for the first time in January. And yes, I felt like a HUGE giraffe trying to get off of that ski lift without falling, which never did happen … yet!

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    • Hi, Barbara, I’m excited to post my interview with Viviane Elbee here next Friday. Her book comes out on November first. I’ve never been skiing, but your description of feeling like a giraffe on skis brought me a big smile. I’m quite sure I would feel the same way. 🙂


  3. This sounds like an hilarious book for those curious about skiing. I must look out for this one. It reminds me of when our 8 year old niece flew down to NZ to stay with us for one of the school holidays during winter. We took her for the first time in the snow. Now I admit to being only a beginner and as I was showing her how to get off the new chairlift, I didn’t realise how low to the ground it suddenly came and I got caught up and sailed off head first down the snowy off ramp while she just smoothly sailed past calling out… “Are you okay Auntie?” I will never forget it. A hilarious memory. (She’s 21 now)

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    • Oh my gosh, Diane, your skiing story/memory sounded scary. I know it’s been years since this incident, but I feel the need to call out to you, as your niece did, to see if you’re okay. I’m glad you can laugh about it now. Like I wrote in this post, I’ve never been skiing. I’m not sure my bad back could handle it anymore. So, I shall experience this thrilling sport vicariously through the memories (some fond and some harrowing) of others.


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