What Makes A Mammal BEASTLY? Find out on today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday Review.

When I came up to mother’s hip, my favorite books were BIG and oversized. They brimmed with attention-holding illustrations and fun, kid-friendly facts. I was thrilled to gain tidbits of knowledge I could run and share with anyone who wasn’t too busy to listen.

“Mom! MOM! Did you know baboons make friends by picking ticks out of each other’s fur? Did you know bats all look the same but have different voices so their moms can find them? Did you know a lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away? Did you know…”

“Did you know,” Mom said, “that I have to get dinner on the table soon? And did you know when I call that dinner is ready, you won’t need to be five miles away to hear me?”

We’d smile, hug, and I’d rush off to learn more facts I could share over a good meal.

So, if you love BIG, oversized books that brim with attention-holding illustrations and fun, kid-friendly facts, I have a feeling the book I’m sharing today will win your heart.

Title – The Big Book of Beasts

Written and illustrated by – Yuval Zommer

Beast expert — Barbara Taylor

Published by- Thames & Hudson – 2017

Topics – Beasts, animal behavior, animal facts

Opening – Beastly Families – What makes a mammal a beast? Warm-blooded animals with hair or fur have the scientific name “mammals.” Some mammals are friendly and some are beastly! Beasts are deadly, cunning and most importantly, wild! Here’s a who’s who of the most beastly of the bunch.

Synopsis from Amazon— A beautifully illustrated, informative book for children introducing them to a fascinating cast of beasts

In The Big Book of Beasts Yuval Zommer’s wonderful illustrations bring to whimsical life some of the grizzliest, hairiest, bravest, wiliest, and most fearsome beasts in the animal kingdom. Brimming with interesting facts from beast consultant Barbara Taylor, this charming picture book is a beautiful way for parents to introduce young children to the animal world―and for older children to learn by themselves.

In the first pages, children learn that beasts are wild animals that can’t be tamed and that they all defend themselves in different ways. As the book continues young readers meet specific beasts, including armadillos, bears, tigers, and the Tasmanian devil. The Big Book of Beasts also approaches the world of beasts thematically, looking at mythical beasts, Ice Age beasts, beasts on your street, and how to save beasts in danger of extinction.

The funny and conversational text, amazing facts, and glorious and quirky pictures will draw in young children over and over again.

Why do I like this book? Learning isn’t a chore with this book of beasts. Even if you already know a great deal about animals, you’ll probably come across a fun fact here and there that will have you running off to share your newly acquired knowledge with anyone who isn’t too busy to listen.

“Hey there! Do you know why a hyena’s poo is white? Do you know why beavers have orange teeth? Do you know why bats sleep upside down?”

I hope you’ll read this incredible book to find out.

Learn more about Yuval Zommer HERE

Watch an armadillo video HERE

Watch a Disney video about brown bears HERE.

Learn about bats HERE

Until next Friday!

14 thoughts on “What Makes A Mammal BEASTLY? Find out on today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday Review.

  1. This sounds like the perfect book for one of my nephews who’s coming up to a birthday. Thanks for the rec! Oh, and it’s now got me wondering if I could get a baboon to pick ticks off my dog. Spring tick-filled grasses are our nemesis……

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s possible Amazon could special order a baboon for you. I wouldn’t mind having one around here, too, so long as it minded its manners and didn’t make a mess. 🙂 And yes, I think this book would make a perfect present for your nephew. Frankly, I would love a copy of this Beastly treasure trove.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Leslie, this sounds like the perfect book for my nephew. I think he’ll love it. Thank you so much for calling attention to it. But I’ll skip on gathering any more beats here – actually hoping the bear(s) stick with last year’s pattern [which was not in my yard.]

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t imagine what I’d do if a bear ambled through my yard. That’s got to be a sight! We once had a large buck mosey through and last year a coyote trotted through my cul de sac past my house. But back the “beastly” book. I think your nephew will love it!


    • I live near wooded areas and have had raccoon, bucks, ducks, coyote, and bunnies wander through. Thankfully the beasties in this book don’t roam around my town.

      Yes, this is an interesting book. I felt like a small child, calling out to my daughter and husband about the fun facts I was reading about.


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