The 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest!

Jack-O-lanterns glow on front porches, corns stalks rustle in a field, a harvest moon floats in the sky.  These wondrous sights mean one thing…

It’s time again for Susanna Leonard Hill’s



This year, as children’s writers everywhere settle down to write a scary, funny, spooky, rhyming, or non-rhyming, 100-word story for children, ages 12 and under, they must include three special words in their entry…


At 100 words and not one more, here is my Halloweensie entry, The Nickname Cure.



by Leslie L Goodman

Matilda’s nickname gave her a case of the gloomies.

Especially today on Halloween.

Since her first day at Spookamentary School,

the zombies, ghouls, and mummies called her

W A R T I L D A !

The name didn’t suit Matilda. After all, her wart was teensy-tiny.

Moments before trick-or-treating, Matilda slipped into the science lab.

She picked a sticky cobweb and two bat wings from a box.

She stirred them up with one juicy, lizard’s gizzard.

“This potion will do the trick!” said Matilda.

She dabbed the mixture on her chin and…


Matilda’s wart grew large and hairy.

“Perfect!” said Matilda. “Now my nickname suits me.”


Happy Halloween wishes to one and all!

And good luck to the children’s writers who enter Susanna Leonard Hill’s 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest! 

32 thoughts on “The 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest!

  1. Great twist, Leslie. Totally expected the “usual” attempt to rid herself of the wart – even though I probably shouldn’t have given it she goes to “Spookamentary.” I love that she WANTS to fit her nickname. Best of Luck!

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