The 3 Day #PoeticQuarantine Challenge. Day 1

My friend, Helen Kemp Zax, invited me to join in on the 3 Day #PoeticQuarantine Challenge. This challenge is a social way to use poetry to break through all the pandemic news and find a moment of peace. I will be posting a new poem every day for three days.



I greet the morning,

and the warm sun rises to meet my outstretched hand.

I greet the birds,

and their tweeted tunes fill me with song.

I greet the sea,

and the fleeting tide rushes to reach me.

I greet the breeze,

and the discreet wind whispers secrets to keep.

I greet the rain,

and the sweet drops glide down through my hair.

Soon, I will greet you,

and our arms will completely entwine

at last.


Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


Until tomorrow.


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