Day 5 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

Day 5… The #PoeticQuarantine Challenge continues.

tea time


Dump your puzzle on the table,
let the pieces scatter.
Sort the colors? Build the frame?
Relax. It doesn’t matter.

Find that book you bought to read
on a day without a care.
Trade-off reading with a friend,
‘cuz stories are nice to share.

Candlelight and cups of tea,
fresh-baked cookies, too,
are all that’s needed to make a smile
with one as sweet as you.

Games on phones are fun to play,
but board games offer more—
room for you and room for me
while we stay indoors.

For all the people here on Earth,
living everywhere,
let’s close our eyes and send them each
a heart-filled, peaceful prayer.


Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


See you here tomorrow.


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