Day 7 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

For Day 7 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge, I challenged myself to write an acrostic poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word. For my subject, I chose the word QUARANTINE and decided to share my day with you through an unrhymed poem in this creative writing form.

Max napping


Quite possibly, I’ll find something to do. If it looks like a rainy day, I’ll pop open my

Umbrella and walk through the drops, stomp in puddles, and greet people who

Are out playing in the rain, too. I’ll stroll slow so I’ll notice the things that are

Right in front of me–things I never noticed before. I want to enjoy today and not work

Another few hours after lunch. Maybe I’ll find violets poking up, or I’ll see the

Nuthatch gather twigs for her nest. I’ll listen to raindrops drum on my umbrella like a

Tune. Maybe I’ll dance down the street. When I come home, I’ll slip off my boots and go

Inside. I’m okay with not working today. The dog would love my company for his

Nap. So, I’ll curl up and snooze while the sun moves from noon to two. Soon, Max’s

Eyes will tell me he’s ready for a walk. “Looks like the sun’s out, boy. Let’s go slow.”


Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


See you tomorrow

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