Day 8 of my #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

The #PoeticQuarantine Challenge continues.

The inspiration for today’s poem comes to you courtesy of my night of interrupted sleep.





Why does the dog


want to go outside

at two in the morning

when I’m deep asleep?

I open the door to let him out,

and a chilly breeze sneaks inside.

Three street lamps glow

like fallen stars

over my neighborhood.

All is quiet.

Even the lucky crickets sleep.

Soon, the dog comes inside.

When I crawl back into bed,

my blankets have cooled

and keep me awake.

My busy mind can be unkind

in the middle of the night.

Thoughts burst like

thousands of birds in flight.

Did I pay the mortgage?

Did I lock the door?

Why can’t everyone

practice kindness?

Why do Twinkies

have such a long shelf life?

Why does the shower

drip its last drops while

I’m trying to sleep?

Why does the dog kick me

while he’s dreaming?

Why can’t the alarm clock

know when I need

an extra hour of sleep?

How can it be time

to wake up

when I haven’t

fallen asleep?



Leslie Leibhardg Goodman

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