Take Time to DREAM Today at Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday! The topic today is dreaming.

I was five years old in this memory, sitting at my desk in Mrs. Nelson’s kindergarten class, letting my imagination control my crayon as I colored my picture. That part of the school day fell someplace between Reading and Gym class. The noisy room grew still, and I was grateful that my classmates had all settled into their own art projects so I could color in peace and quiet.

Sunshine found my desk and lit my art in warmth. As I scribbled in the outline of my father’s trousers and my mother’s dress, Mrs. Nelson broke the silence.

“Leslie! what are you still doing here?”

I was just as surprised as my teacher when I saw I was the only student in the room. Everyone else had left for gym class, and I was too busy dreaming and drawing to notice.

I’m the same person today.

I’m completely content to sit beside a window and watch nature, let the sun warm my paper while I write out my thoughts, sketch ideas, and fiddle with one of my manuscripts.

I am a happy dreamer.

animal cat face close up feline

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This brings me to today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday review of Peter H. Reynolds’ marvelous book, Happy Dreamer.

Title – Happy Dreamer

Written and illustrated by – Peter H. Reynolds

Published by – Orchard Books – 2017

Topics – Dreams, individuality, imagination

Opening I am a happy dreamer. I’m really good at dreaming. Daydreams. Big dreams. Little dreams. Creative dreams. Dreamer maximus!

Amazon’s Review –  View it HERE. While the world tells us to sit still, to follow the rules, and to color inside the lines, Happy Dreamer celebrates all those moments in between when the mind and spirit soar and we are free to become our own true dreamer maximus! In Peter’s signature voice and style, this empowering picture book reminds children of how much their dreams matter, and while life will have ups and downs, he enlists readers to stay true to who they are, to tap into their most creative inner selves, and to never ever forget to dream big!

Why do I like this book? For children and adults, this book encourages us all to discover our own road to happiness. Each page offers words that validate the importance of dreaming, and those words acknowledge that life comes with ups and downs. Through moments of chaos or calm, holding onto big and small dreams remains important. A wonderful message to share with children, now more than ever. Playful, intense colors swirl and explode across the pages where a child, our happy dreamer, explores the countless ways he can dream.

Learn more about Peter H. Reynolds HERE.
Watch the Happy Dreamer book trailer HERE.
A youtube video – Peter H. Reynolds talks about his book, Happy Dreamer, HERE.

afterglow art backlit birds

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

What kind of dreamer are you?

Until next Friday.

19 thoughts on “Take Time to DREAM Today at Perfect Picture Book Friday.

  1. What a sweet story! I can just see you all alone in your kindergarten class totally absorbed in your work. There’s a nugget there that could turn into a dreamy picture book. And thanks for sharing your thoughts on Peter Reynold’s book. Once the library reopens, I’ll look for it.

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    • People tend to change in their teen years as they try to figure out who they are, but for me, I returned to the inquisitive, curious, dreamer I was all those years ago. The easiest thing in life is to be true to who you are, and I am a dreamer. I’m glad that you enjoyed the book I shared today. Be well, Jilanne.

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