Selfless Acts of Kindness Come to Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Carmine the Crow has been a favorite picture book of mine for years. I find hope, not in the largest part of the story, but in the book’s heart-hugging ending. The story introduces us to an ordinary crow by the name of Carmine who, like other crows, lives in a tree and feels a strong attraction to objects with a glint or a glimmer.  However, Carmine’s extraordinary heart is revealed when he saves the life of a swan and is rewarded with a rare gift for his kindness.

Carmine the Crow

As is true for all literary characters, when given the gift of something astonishing or when placed in a stressful situation, their true nature is revealed by their actions, words, and choices. The gift the swan gives to Carmine is a small box filled with ancient stardust–powerful enough to make any wish come true.   Any wish.    Instead of using the powers of the stardust to grant his own impossible wishes, Carmine sacrifices his dreams to help others. He gives away pinch after pinch of the sparkling stardust until he has no more to offer, not even to himself.

Carmine the Crow-2

With all the compassion both words and illustrations can hold, Heidi Holder delivers an unforgettable ending as brilliant and promising as the magic stardust.

Title – Carmine The Crow

Written and illustrated by- Heidi Holder

Published by- Farrar, Straus and Giroux – 1992

Topics – Selfless acts of kindness, friendship, and dreams.

Opening – Carmine the Crow was a very old crow and he lived in a very old tree. He loved to collect shiny objects and had masses of glittery things in his attic: thimbles, beads, keys, anything with a glint of a glimmer. He was especially fond of his tinfoil collection.

Find the book, Carmine The Crow, on Amazon HERE.

Learn More about Heidi Holder HERE.

Interesting facts about crows HERE.

Until next Friday.

15 thoughts on “Selfless Acts of Kindness Come to Perfect Picture Book Friday.

  1. The illustrations look wonderful, and I love that the good-hearted creature is a crow, an animal that’s often associated with being tricky and self-serving. I’ll have to see if I can find this one at my library. Thanks for the rec, Leslie!

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    • The first thing that attracted me to this book was the amazing attention to detail in the illustrations. Then, after I read the story, I connected strongly with it and knew I had to own this treasure. I love that the main character is a crow with a generous heart. So much to love about this story. I hope you’re able to find a copy.

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  2. I didn’t run across this book when my daughter was reading PBs in 1992. Longer text to really tell the story. Love the theme of acts kindness. Beautiful illustrations. I’ve been reading a lot of book that have crows in them, and in every case, if you are kind to the crow, it will leave little shiny gifts. It’s made me look at crows differently.

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    • I have long been fascinated with crows and love that a huge flock of them visits my yard each year. The chatter they make is both deafening and beautiful. They scatter over the lawn, covering the grass with their glossy, black bodies and wings. It’s quite an amazing sight. I know sparse texts are popular now, but I need a longer story, like this one, to sit back with and enjoy. I hope you’re able to find this book.

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    • Ahhhhh, the lure of shiny objects… And Carmine, in this story, is your typical crow when it comes to filling his home with these glittery treasures. I hope your library owns a copy, it truly is an incredible book, both for the touching story and the remarkable illustrations.


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