The Monday Poems Dip Into a Special Jar

Monday Poems

Welcome to another edition of The Monday Poems.

One of the things my daughter loves about bedtime is the nightly poem I write for her. She opens a special jar she keeps on a shelf in her room. The jar is filled with little, folded slips of paper that each hold one word.

I sit at her desk with a pad of paper and pen and wait for her to give the jar a shake, unscrew the lid, and pull out my word. Last night, my poetry prompt word was ‘pie.’ The night before, my word was ‘book.’ I have only as much time to write my poem as it takes her to brush her teeth, wash her face, and change for bed. Five to seven minutes tops.

Yes, sometimes she reads out my word, and I am absolutely uninspired. She gives me her sweet smile, wishes me luck, and in my heart, the last thing I want to do is disappoint her. I mull over the word, try to imagine what it means, not to me but to her. I wonder what I can write that will delight her.  With that thought, the words begin to flow.

The poem I’m sharing today was inspired by the word butterfly.

School of Butterflies

8 thoughts on “The Monday Poems Dip Into a Special Jar

  1. Such a beautiful ritual with your daughter — and a special challenge for you! She will remember these moments the rest of her life. Your poem is beautiful and inspiring! And, I’m partial to butterflies. I can’t believe you wrote it in 5 min.

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    • I work incredibly well when I’m given a deadline. I think this poem was easier to write in a short amount of time because I didn’t have to worry about rhyming. I started out by comparing a chrysalis to a school and a caterpillar changing into a butterfly to a child growing and learning. Once I knew what I wanted to say, I could write the piece. I’m glad you liked the poem.


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