The Monday Poems Engage in Battle

Monday PoemsLast Friday, I reviewed a picture book about a unique, albeit one-sided, friendship between a selfless toad and a cuckoo clock bird. If you’re a picture book enthusiast, that might be enough of a description to know I shared A Home for Bird by Philip C. Stead. As promised, my Monday poem is about a bird. Actually, it’s about a flock of determined chickadees who engage in a behavior called “mobbing’ in which these tiny birds chase away predators from their breeding grounds. Over the years, I have found that nature is filled with surprises and raises such questions as…

When faced with a large and powerful enemy, does one’s small size equal failure?

When faced with those who are smaller and weaker, do power and size equal success?

Who will win the sky battle? Read on to learn the answer.

brown and white bird flying

Photo by Frank Cone on


The fierce one engages in battle.

Hawk fights for control in the sky.

To the small and the swift he’s the outcast,

despite of his size and shrill cry.

Unwilling to claim his defeat,

Hawk swoops with his talons well splayed.

But the chickadees divebomb around him–

determined and each unafraid.

Size matters not to these warriors.

In their helmets of black, they will fight.

They’ve won a victorious prize on this day

when Hawk leaves them a feather in flight.

by Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

Hawk & Chickadee

To learn more about the behavior of mobbing among birds from The Cornell Lab, click HERE.

Until next Friday.


6 thoughts on “The Monday Poems Engage in Battle

  1. Leslie, I have observed mockingbirds attacking hawks and ospreys. One particularly heartbreaking incident was when the ospreys had stolen mockingbird chicks. Even as the ospreys were devouring the baby birds at their nest high above a parking lot, the mockingbirds continued to attack. It was very hard to watch!

    I enjoyed reading your lovely poem about tiny chickadees mobbing hawks. That’s inspiring! Also reminds me of some advice for dealing with bullies…gang up on them!

    All the best! Cheryl

    Liked by 1 person

    • As much as I’d like to believe the animal kingdom is civilized, the various species in the wild encounter hardships, the same as we do. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem. As you pointed out, it offers advice for dealing with bullies. I confess that while I was writing the poem, that thought ran through my head and showed up in my words.


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