Two Amazing Prizes + Two Poetry Books to Love This Perfect Picture Book Friday!

My love of writing poems goes clear back to my childhood when I made up little rhymes about my sleepy cat who napped in the darkness under my bed, a poky cactus in a dish on my windowsil, and a too-long car ride to visit relatives. Little thing that caught my attention became immortalized in a poem.

Years later, filled with the gained knowledge from several poetry courses, my love of writing poems continues daily. My shelves all but burst with the books of my favorite poets, including two poetry collections by Raven Howell which I’m happy to share with you today.

And yes, today’s post comes with the chance for two lucky people to each win one of Raven’s poetry books. Just leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for a chance. I’ll announce the winner next Friday when Raven will be visiting here for a fun interview!


The pond is still frozen,
We scamper across.
We slip and slide
And skid ont the gloss.
Holding tightTo each other’s coat sleeves,
We peer thoug the ice
At the frozen brown leaves,
Silent and still
Some caught in mid-swim,
Stuck in freeze tab
‘Til the melt of sun’s whim.

Title – Glimmer – Sing of Sun!

Written by – Raven Howell

Illustrated by – Carina Povarchik

Published by – Clear Fork Publishing – 2019

Suitable for ages – 3-8

Theme – Poetry, nature, playtime

Glimmer – Sing of Sun! Amazon Review –  HERE Burst to bright adventures where vivid colors sprout, the sun paints the sky, and days are strawberry-scented. Creating a landscape of light, this picture poetry book transforms the ordinary in life to glimmering significance. Written and illustrated by collaborating team Raven Howell and Carina Povarchik, this collection is a joyful and imaginative companion book to Howell and Povarchik’s Shimmer, Songs of Night. 

Why do I like this book? In her book, Glimmer – Sing of Sun! Raven found inspirations for her poems in nature, one of my favorite escapes. She chose to write about such unexpected topics as a breath of sun and a pair of sky artists through her refreshing way of seeing and hearing the world. Raven even takes the reader on an outdoor quest over hills and logs, down to Ribbit Pond for a special discovery. You’ll find lots to love in this book of uplifting, inventive, and fresh poetry. And did I mention that the illustrations by Carina Povarchik add an explosion of color and happiness both kids and adults will ooh and ahh over?

The second of Raven’s books I’m sharing is Chuckles and Smiles in which the poems share the goal of giving children laughter and oodles of reasons to smile.


Bulb digger,
nest rigger,
seed stacker,
nut cracker,
tree stalker,
fence walker,
food stasher,
birdhouse crasher.
Dog chased–
making HASTE!

Title – Chuckles and Smiles

Written by – Raven Howell

Illustrated by – Jordan Wray

Published by – Warren Publishing – 2020

Suitable for ages – 3-8

Theme – Humorous poetry for children.

Chuckles and Smiles Amazon Review – HERE In this sweet collection of children’s poems, Raven Howell reveals all the little things in life that put smiles on children’s faces like playing with sock puppets, walking barefoot on warm grass, and dreaming of butterflies during a thunderstorm. Colorful illustrations by international illustrator, Jordan Wray, evoke the warmth and joy felt during childhood through their light and carefree style. Written with whimsy and fun, this book charmingly reminds child and parent alike that the power of laughter delivers happiness.

Why do I like this book? Raise your hand if you’re looking for a book that can deliver levity and laughter into a child’s life. Perfect! Because the second book of Raven’s, that I’m sharing, is appropriatly titled Chuckles and Smiles. with page after page of sweet, silly, giggle-worthy, kid-pleasing poems. Now, take those 26 poems and bring them together with the lively pieces of art created by Jordan Wray and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Learn more about Raven Howell HERE.

Learn about Carina Povarchik (illustrator for Glimmer – Sing of Sun!) HERE.

Learn about Jorday Wray (illustrator of Chuckles and Smiles) HERE.

And don’t forget that today’s post comes with the chance for two lucky people to each win one of Raven’s poetry books. Just leave a comment below to be entered into the drawing. Mark your calendar for the 18th, because Raven will be visiting here for both an interview and the announcement of the winners!

See you soon!


17 thoughts on “Two Amazing Prizes + Two Poetry Books to Love This Perfect Picture Book Friday!

  1. I love poetry books for kids about nature. The first one sounds exploratory and full of outdoor fun. The second book about Chuckles also sounds like a book full of fun and laughter. Lovely way to introduce children to poetry. Thank you for sharing today! They sound like gems!

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    • I was thrilled to share these two poetry books by Raven. When I was a child, poetry filled many of my favorite books. My mom used to write poems, too. Her personal favorites to write were the creative clues she penned on gift tags to hint at the special presents she gave to me and my sister. No child should grow up without poetry. Those little views of the world poets share do so much to raise spirits and evoke laughter.


  2. As I’m about to enter the world of grandmothering, both of these books sound just delightful to read to my grandchild(ren)! Fun and uplifting books are something that all of us need, especially these days; thanks for sharing!

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    • Ah, yes! The countdown to your new title of Grandma begins 🙂 I can already picture you with your little grandchild, snuggled on your lap, listening to you read story after story and poem after poem to delight his or her teeny ears and heart. These sweet books are wonderful to read aloud and come with happy illustrations, too!

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  3. I love reading poetry with/to kids. They can be funny, playful, serious, poetic, you name it. Some of my favorite picture books have been written by poets. Such a celebration of language that speaks strongly to us all, when we allow the words and images to wash over us. Thanks for sharing these, Leslie!


    • Linda! It’s great to see you here. I miss our poetry gatherings. When the world is right again, I’ll be able to join our little family again. These two books of Raven’s poetry are truly fun to read. I would call them a feast for the ears, and the illustrations are a treat for the eyes.


  4. Happy Birthday, Leslie! I love the covers of both of these books. The Arts & Crafts look of one, and the pie-plate sun face echoed in the cat’s sweater on the other. Very playful and jaunty.

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