The Monday Poems make a special promise

I recently took time off from blogging when the world grew too large. I moved forward again, but another challenge came into the picture. Today is my birthday, and nothing about today feels right. The poem I wrote is for someone who is more dear to me than anything in this world. Someone who needs more love and caring today than I do.


You search for the smallest place
where the walls press closest,
where the world cannot come in,
where you can disappear
in the space where the light fades.
But, I’ll find you.
And in this place,
I’ll stay close beside you.
I can’t make the world go away.
I can’t silence the noise.
But I can promise
I’ll always listen.
I will hear you.
I will wrap you in my arms
and love you
more than the love
one hundred hearts can hold.

8 thoughts on “The Monday Poems make a special promise

  1. Everyone is struggling in today’s world. We live in such challenging times. God has blessed you with another year–Happy Birthday. You poem proves you are are a tender, sweet soul…and I’m glad to know you!

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