The Monday Poems Think About Valentine’s Day

Holidays, when I was a child, were made extra special by my mother. Valentine’s Day meant a kitchen filled with the buttery, sweet smell of freshly baked, heart-shaped cookies. Once cooled, Mom sandwhiched a thin layer of raspberry jelly between two cookies and frosted the tops in white and pink. The platter with these decorative treats earned a place of honor on the dining room table where my family gathered for a festive dinner.

Mom always gave thoughtful gifts on every gift-giving holiday, but it was her Valentine’s Day cards I remember most. More than a red heart cut from paper, pasted on a white doily, her handmade Valentines declared her love through poems she wrote for each of us, penned in white ink in elaborate caligraphy.

Mom didn’t need to make cards to tell me how much I meant to her; I always knew she loved me through her countless kindnesses she showed me each day.


Perhaps I’ll make a card and write the words, I love you, dear.

Perhaps I’ll send a rose to indicate my love’s sincere.

Better still, I’ll stay beside you and never let us grow apart,

For you will always be the one I cherish in my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing each of you a Happy Valentine’s Day.


9 thoughts on “The Monday Poems Think About Valentine’s Day

    • Every holiday, I try to keep alive many of my mother’s traditions that make my memories of her special. Over the years, I’ve added a few new traditions, my favorite one being when my daughter and I decorate the small tree we keep in our dining room for each holiday. This Valentine’s Day, we filled the branches with salt dough hearts, paper hearts, and a red and pink paper chain, glowing among a string of golden lights. I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, Darlene.

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      • That sounds wonderful. My daughter remembers fondly the special things we did when she was a child. It´s so good to carry on these traditions and add some of our own. Happy Valentine´s day to you as well. xo

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