Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


I grew up in Northern Illinois, smack in the middle of gorgeous farmland and lush forests. The town moved at a slow pace. Summers were hot and humid (still are). As children, my sister and I wandered all over the walking trails our Mom meticulously maintained. Our imaginations allowed us to climb on the backs of great, fallen oaks in our forest—co-captains of our sturdy (not so sea-worthy) vessel.

Amongst my favorite childhood memories are the summer vacations I took with my family. We’d drive out west, exchanging humid heat for dry heat. Being around the late 1960’s, our vinyl car seats stuck to the backs of our bare legs. At rest stops we’d peel ourselves free, a memory I equate with ripping off enormous bandages. Dad bought sodas for us at gas station vending machines—not to drink. We would lay the icy cans or bottles on the backs of our necks, roll them under our legs, and hold them between our wrists. An air conditioner was a feature my parents didn’t want to pay extra for, so to catch a breeze, we used something called WD50 (Windows Down at 50 mph). It may not sound like a great memory, but looking back, I’m at a point where I can finally laugh about those days.

Beezles got the MeaslesAs a young child, my favorite book was When the Beezles Got the Measles by Arthur Beckerman. I Three Investigatorsloved listening to my mother’s soft voice, reading the lyrical language. Later, when I was about nine or so, I read through The Three Investigators mystery series.

My college years were spent predominantly at Denver University where my creative interests moved in many directions from painting and photography to printmaking, weaving, jewelry design, and writing. Many of which, in addition to writing, I still enjoy. I have asked myself if I could do only one creative activity for the rest of my life, which would I choose. And, as much as I enjoy my many hobbies, writing is the one I enjoy most.

wedding-bwBack in 1990, I married my best friend. Over the years we have moved back and forth across the country more than a few times. Through it all, I kept writing. Then, something marvelous happened after fourteen years of marriage…we had a daughter and with her, my need to write tripled. When she grew old enough to enjoy books, I wrote stories for her–LOTS of stories.

When our daughter turned 4, my husband encouraged me to take writing courses in children’s literature. I researched various online schools and chose The Institute of Children’s Literature where I completed, Writing and selling Children’s Books and Writing for Children and Teenagers. I joined SCBWI and to this day, I continue to study children’s literature and poetry.

My family cheers me on daily. And our daughter, who is now 13, continues to request the same gift each Christmas and birthday, “Write a story for me.” And I do…because writing is what I need and love to do.