Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


I grew up in Northern Illinois, smack in the middle of quilted farmland and lush forests. The town moved at a slow pace. Summers were hot and humid (still are). As children, my sister and I wandered all over the trails our Mom meticulously maintained. Our imaginations allowed us to climb on the backs of great, fallen oaks in our forest—co-captains of our sturdy (not so sea-worthy) vessel. My most treasured childhood memories find their way into the stories and poetry I love writing for children.

Beezles got the MeaslesThe first book I fell in love with was When the Beezles Got the Measles by Arthur Beckerman. I Three Investigatorsloved listening to my mother’s soft voice, reading the lyrical language. Later, when I was about nine or so, I read through The Three Investigators mystery series.

My college years were spent predominantly at Denver University where my creative interests moved in many directions from illustration to art history, painting, photography, printmaking, and writing.

I credit my daughter with my first step toward writing for children because she always asked at bedtime for a story from my childhood. Some stories she loved so well, she asked me to write them down. Eventually, the story stack grew into a story tower. To learn as much as possible about writing for children, I enroled in courses at The Institute of Children’s Literature and joined SCBWI.

I’m truly happy when I’m writing.