Coming On Home Soon, This Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Happy first day of May, and happy Perfect Picture Book Friday!

For today’s book review memory, I’m taking you back in time to when I was three years old, lacking the life experiences needed to understand the complex adult world.

I remember listening to conversations I couldn’t follow and knew from the urgency in my mother’s voice that something had changed and was no longer right. I gauged the importance of that situation on the emotions around me. Why had my father’s smile been replaced with worry? Why was my mother arranging a flight to someplace called Germany? I didn’t mind the extra hugs I received. What I minded was that those hugs served to console me about a situation I couldn’t understand. My Grandmother had grown quite ill and had no one to care for her, and my mother was leaving to help.

I didn’t know when my mother was leaving because my parents shared few details to keep me from worrying. Then, one night I knew. Continue reading