Day 8 of my #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

The #PoeticQuarantine Challenge continues.

The inspiration for today’s poem comes to you courtesy of my night of interrupted sleep.




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Day 7 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

For Day 7 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge, I challenged myself to write an acrostic poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word. For my subject, I chose the word QUARANTINE and decided to share my day with you through an unrhymed poem in this creative writing form.

Max napping


Quite possibly, I’ll find something to do. If it looks like a rainy day, I’ll pop open my

Umbrella and walk through the drops, stomp in puddles, and greet people who

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Day 6 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

Welcome to day 6 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge.

I write at the desk my grandmother gave to me many years ago because it’s filled with memories of my childhood that play into my stories and poems. Sometimes, I like to change the place where I write for a little while, hoping a new location will bring fresh energy and inspiration.

Two weeks ago, I brought my laptop into the dining room where our table faces a bank of windows, looking out onto the yard. This morning, the robins hopped through the grass in search of breakfast, a pair of gray and brown rabbits scampered in quick rings around the pines, a squirrel zipped through their game, and a possum lumbered close by. I loved every moment.

Animals are unaware of world events that fill the news and fill our thoughts with worry. They simply live. While I’m writing, I try to do the same. I push out the world and focus my thoughts on those things that bring me the greatest sense of peace. Continue reading

Day 5 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

Day 5… The #PoeticQuarantine Challenge continues.

tea time


Dump your puzzle on the table,
let the pieces scatter.
Sort the colors? Build the frame?
Relax. It doesn’t matter.

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