The Monday Poems Welcome Winter (and my squirrel).


Bob visits my back porch at 7:30 sharp. Like the white rabbit in the story of Alice in Wonderland, he’s prompt. When I walked into the kitchen this morning at 7:32, he peered in at me through the sliding glass door with his paws curled against his snowy chest. Seeing me, he took a few steps back and waited for the one thing he has counted on morning after morning…


The moment I slid open the glass door, he stepped back a few feet and calmly watched me sprinkle hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds into his blue, ceramic dish. Some mornings, I spoil him with small squares of bread spread with a thin layer of peanut butter…perfect to hold in his petite paws.

“Good morning, Bob,” I greeted him. “I trust you slept well?” He never answers.

The moment I closed the sliding glass door, Bob crept near and surveyed the morning’s offerings. With quick paws, he separated the crunchy almonds from the shelled seeds and settled inside the dish to nibble his breakfast. He seems to know I can’t disturb him through the glass and fills up his tummy with an occasional glance to me. I wonder if he knows how much happiness he brings.

My poem for today is a winter haiku inspired by Bob’s daily journey to my backporch.

Downy white blanket

Printed with tracks from small feet

Winter day pattern

by Leslie L Goodman

I’ll see you here next week for Perfect Picture Book Friday.