Writing Tool Book Discovery – Wednesday Prompts and Inspirations

chalkboard-3-AInspirations don’t always come in the form of writing exercises. Yes, those brain-warm-ups are fun, but today I’m going to share an amazing book I came across.

The Flip Dictionary, by Barbara Ann Kipfer. When I learned about this gold mine in my writer’s group, I also learned it is no longer in print. However, used copies can be purchased online.

So, what is the Flip Dictionary? Or rather… what isn’t the Flip Dictionary? It isn’t a place to look up the definition of a word. weird, right? It’s more like a thesaurus – except the information is given at a level well beyond expectations.

Let’s say you can’t remember the word croissant, but you know it’s bread in a crescent shape. Look up bread, scan down the list until you come to crescent shape, and voila! Croissant. Where else can you look up the definition and arrive at the perfect word?

What is the word for breaking a code? Look up breaking a code. You’ll see the words: decipher, decode, and decrypt.

Hmmm. What is the name for that drinking glass – rounded with a narrow top? (You’re possibly thinking, are you kidding? I can look that up? Yes. It’s called a snifter.

And if you don’t see this book as wonderful enough, The Flip Dictionary includes terms such as: eye-related terms from conditions to exercises, specialists, glasses, movement, and more. Fabric terms (this one goes on for a page and a half), types of fears – you get a list of 54, sports terms, medical terms, Irish terms, the list goes on.

But buyer beware! When you look up something, be prepared to become so engrossed in this book you can’t put it down. Research was never this much fun!