Spreading Joy with Scribble Stones this Perfect Picture Book Friday

While most kids grew up painting pictures on paper, my mother inspired me to paint on other surfaces. I sense some of you envisioning me brushing the walls with my art. You’re not wrong. Sure, I did that. But in my defense, everyone knows that walls set aside for paint or wallpaper are free game for self-expression. There was another surface I liked to paint.


Before you envision me leveraging boulders into a wheelbarrow with sturdy sticks, the stones I painted fit on the palm of my hand. My mom showed me how to soak them in sudsy water, scrub off the dirt, dry them, and paint them according to their shape. Think of it as finding animals in the sky when you gaze at clouds. To me, the stones resembled things like ladybugs, sleeping cats, cottages, and hearts. If they didn’t bring anything specific to mind, I painted colorful designs on their surfaces.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who paints stones. Today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday author and illustrator, Diane Alber, wrote a book in which the main character becomes a painted stone.

At the end of this post, I shared photographs of stones painted by my mom when I was a child and stones that my daughter and I painted. I hope you find enough inspiration in this post to set out in search of stones to design with your art.

Title – Scribble Stones

Written and illustrated by- Diane Alber

Suitable for ages – 4  – 8

Topics/theme – Finding a purpose, embracing change, and spreading joy.

Opening – 

This story is about one happy stone,
who was gray and round and rarely alone.
He lived with the others, all stacked in a pile,
and waited calmly with a large, firendly smile.

Synopsis from Amazon HERE. A heartwarming story about a little stone who was able to spread kindness to the world!

This story starts off with a little stone who thinks he will be become something amazing but then soon realizes he had become a dull paper weight. He’s on a mission to become something greater and in the process meets scribble and splatter and they all come up a creative way to bring joy to thousands of people. If you loved I’m Not just a Scribble… then you’ll love Scribble Stones! And you’ll even be inspired to make some scribble stones of your own!

Why do I like this book? The story is about a gray stone that believes his purpose is to make others happy. Being chosen to become a paper weight feels like a mistake. “This just can’t be my skill,” Stone says. But then…he meets some new friends that love to splatter and scribble paper with their bright colors, lines, and designs. It doesn’t take long before Stone realizes how he can make others happy. No spoilers here. You’ll have to read the book to learn his grand plan. Diane Alber’s colorful illustrations are energetic, bold, and extremely playful.

Learn more about Diane Alber HERE.

If you’re interested in painting stones, I included some links to get you ispired and started.

Diane Alber wrote a companion book, Scribble Stones Art Guide: Step by Step Painting Techniques and Tricks HERE.

Pinterest stone painting ideas HERE.

Rock Crafts for Kids HERE.

Many thanks for visiting.

Until next Friday.

10 thoughts on “Spreading Joy with Scribble Stones this Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. I can already picture the perfect afternoon spent with your granddaughter, reading the book, Scribble Stones, followed by an afternoon of painting pretty stones. A few years ago, I found several painted stones around the library with words instead of drawings. Some said smile, and others said, you’re loved.


  2. My mom was a fan of green stones. Actually, all stones, but she loved green ones the best. However, she was only a fan of them in their natural state. Sadly. This book looks like so much fun! My son loved to paint stones, especially ones to look like lady bugs, when he was small. i’m a fan of painting or engraving words on stones so I can use them like poetry tiles. I love the stones in the poetry garden at Highlights. Miss that place! Thanks for sending me down memory lane this morning, Leslie.

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  3. Oh, Yes! Those wonderful engraved stones in the poetry garden. I’m fondly remembering my days at Highlights, too. I came home with my head filled with knowledge and inspiration, a wonderful new collection of friends, and ideas for amazing meals. Now it’s my turn to thank you for sending me down memory lane. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right, Sue. This is the perfect book for any day of the week. I have a feeling that after reading (or listening) to the story, kids (and maybe parents, too) will want to head into the yard or nearest gardening center to find some smooth stones to paint. I hope you have a happy weekend. 🙂

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