My No Review Post for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

I need to apologize for this shorter-than-usual post. You’ve come to expect a story from my life that ties into each book I review on Perfect Picture Book Friday. This Friday post comes without a review and without a story. Something has happened, and I have debated whether or not to stay quiet or to share. After writing and deleting this post countless times, part of me needs to open up to you.

We’ve all read books or heard reports on the news about children being bullied and have felt helpless and sickened. Bullies take others down to feel stronger from the pain they enjoy inflicting. It’s challenging to fathom what it must be like to be on the receiving end of their cruel accusations or the target of their slander. We desperately hope and pray our children never experience this feeling. Recently, my emotions have been pulled to their limits because I have become the target of someone I once considered a friend.

My husband and daughter are the glue that holds me together. And staying focused on writing and editing my picture book manuscripts provides the ideal escape and medicine for my heart. I need to take time to heal, and when I’m ready, I’ll begin sharing my stories with you again as well as the beautiful picture books they tie into.

I wish each and every one of you a journey with as few bumps as possible, friends and family who love and support you, someone to hug, and peace.


22 thoughts on “My No Review Post for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

  1. Leslie, I am so very sorry this is happening. Please know that the Fantasic Five are more then merely CP, we’re friends & writing “family.” We are here if you need/want to vent. We are not just about the MSs. I’m here if you ever need a virtual hug or a skype share of tea or stronger. HUGS!

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    • Thank you, Maria. I wanted to say something to our group. As a writer, sharing what is happening to me should be easy to put into words, but the words won’t come because I’m in such disbelief and shock over the accusation. I need friends around me so much now. I appreciate your offer for a skype share, but every time I say what I’m being accused of, I cry. Thank you for the hugs.


    • Thank you, Patricia. My husband and daughter have been so supportive. And I’m grateful for the love that’s come my way from this kidlit community. Getting through the anger to find peace isn’t easy. My mind keeps replaying the vicious lie again and again like a needle stuck on an old record. Thank you for your wishes for peace and strength.


  2. Yes, we often think of schoolyard bullies, but adult bullies hurt just as badly. At least with a kid, there’s the opportunity for maturity and change. With adult bullies, the chances of either are slimmer. Best advice: Remove yourself from toxic situations.

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