Day 6 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge

Welcome to day 6 of the #PoeticQuarantine Challenge.

I write at the desk my grandmother gave to me many years ago because it’s filled with memories of my childhood that play into my stories and poems. Sometimes, I like to change the place where I write for a little while, hoping a new location will bring fresh energy and inspiration.

Two weeks ago, I brought my laptop into the dining room where our table faces a bank of windows, looking out onto the yard. This morning, the robins hopped through the grass in search of breakfast, a pair of gray and brown rabbits scampered in quick rings around the pines, a squirrel zipped through their game, and a possum lumbered close by. I loved every moment.

Animals are unaware of world events that fill the news and fill our thoughts with worry. They simply live. While I’m writing, I try to do the same. I push out the world and focus my thoughts on those things that bring me the greatest sense of peace.

For today’s poem, I found inspiration in the rain and wrote a haiku poem about spring.





Spring rains pour and seep

deep into the waiting soil

where earthworms toil to sprout up.


Leslie Leibhardt Goodman


until tomorrow.

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